Vtuber Childhood Friend and Voice Actress Childhood Friend Are Too Tense - Chapter 17 English

 Chapter 17 – Nakamura Wataru: Isn’t This Something I Shouldn’t Be Watching? (6)

...Is she crying?

Is she upset because her success at the tournament was just luck?

I decided to close the door and wait in the living room.

I waited for a while, studying, which wasn't going too well.

Aoi came out of the soundproof room.

Her eyes were a little swollen.

She must have been crying.

I probably can't understand Aoi's feelings.

But I should be able to offer some comfort.

"Today's stream was really exciting, wasn't it?"

I pretended not to notice Aoi's tearful face and gave her a bright smile.

The usual Aoi would return it with a soft, adorable smile.

"No, it was terrible..."

But today, she was different.

She stood there, looking dejected.

"Sure, the tournament results were disappointing, but we knew that from the start. There's no need to be down about it. It's frustrating because you worked hard in practice, right?"

"I knew I couldn't win or stand out. It's obvious that with that level of practice, I can't beat people who work hard regularly. It would be rude to think I could win."

When did she start being so hard on herself?

"I see..."

I couldn't find the right words to say.

All I could do was pat the sofa next to me, inviting her to sit.

Aoi sat down slowly and started talking.

"I was just like the usual me today, wasn't I?"

"Yeah, the fans were happy too."

Being able to perform like usual on a big stage is amazing.

"But that's just it, it was a collab stream, and I just did what I usually do. I should have considered my teammates and their fans more. That's why people say I can't read the atmosphere..."

"Maybe that's part of your charm... Violet's charm, isn't it?"

"The fans say that, but I shouldn't be getting so much money for just that. I need to... get along better with everyone else. I knew the joint practice for the wrestling was important. But no matter what, I just couldn't interact well with everyone. I want to be able to do it better..."

Aoi wiped away her tears that were about to spill with the back of her hand.

"...Like Haruka?"

Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

It might be a cruel question to ask Aoi when she's feeling vulnerable.

But I wanted to create an opportunity for the two of them to become friends again.

Aoi nodded slightly in response to my question.

Maybe that's a step forward.

Aoi doesn't hate Haruka.

At least, she respects her.

"Why don't you talk to Haruka about it? She's a senior in the working world and in the same entertainment industry, right?"

"...I'll pass."

Aoi shook her head.

I guess that's a no.

It's okay, there's still a chance.

"I think Aoi is amazing. I could never do what you do. My words of comfort might not be helpful, but..."

"That's not true. Your words give me strength, Wataru."

Her moist eyes firmly met mine, and her soft hand touched mine.

No, that's what's amazing about Aoi.

The fact that she can take the words of someone who has nothing, like me, and see them in a positive light.


The sound of a notification came from the soundproof room with the door left open.

"Looks like something came in."

"Uh, yeah..."

Aoi went back into the soundproof room and beckoned me over with a slightly annoyed look.

"Look at this."

On the PC screen was a message from a handsome VTuber named Yoranh, who was teasing Aoi.

(Yoranh) Good work. How about some food to celebrate?

(Yoranh) I'll teach you how to handle yourself in collabs too.

It's impressive that a fellow professional could see through the issues she was having with the collab.

It was something I couldn't understand.

It's frustrating.

But this must be full of ulterior motives.

"I'll do as Wataru taught me."

(Violet) I have someone I like.

"No, that's too sudden!?"

I wish she'd follow the flow of the conversation a bit more!

(Yoranh) Could it be me?

Such optimism!

(Violet) No, it's not.

The reply came in no time!

(Yoranh) Isn't it harsh to be rejected just for inviting you to dinner?

(Violet) Indeed... I'm sorry.

(Yoranh) Then how about dinner as an apology?

(Yoranh) If you want, I can also give you advice about that person you like.

(Yoranh) I have a fair amount of experience, after all.

Wow, this guy really doesn't give up.

That's what being used to playing around is like.

But taking advantage of someone's weakness is disgusting.

Simply put, he is the kind of person I don’t like.

"What should I do..."

Aoi looked anxious, her gaze wandering between the monitor and me.

"Can you follow what I say?"


(Violet) I appreciate the advice, but I'm not comfortable going out with a man. I don't think the agency would be happy about it either.

(Yoranh) Hmm, well, can't be helped for today then.

"Amazing! You really are a master at dealing with persistent guys, Master Wataru!"

Stop giving me such a bad nickname!?

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