Even Though She's a Genius and Beautiful Childhood Friend, She Becomes Careless Only Around Me - Chapter 2 English

 Chapter 2 - Marimo and the Speech

Hanamatsuri Academy.

That's the name of the high school Marimo and I attend.

Founded in the early Meiji era, it boasts alumni who are famous in various fields and has the highest university entrance rates in the prefecture to prestigious universities like Tokyo University and Kyoto University.

...But that's not true. It's an ordinary high school.

The only thing special about it is its whimsical name.

It's fitting for an average person like me to attend, but it's hardly suitable for a genius like Marimo.

"The cherry blossom season is ending, isn't it!"


"But there are still some petals dancing in the air! I want to watch them slowly!"


"Mmm. Kou-chan, don't you feel a bit cold?"

I do feel cold.

Because it's all your fault.

——Because you kept watching Ogura-san on "Tokudane!" and now we're almost late!!

It's not that I don't appreciate the beauty of the falling cherry blossoms, or that I wouldn't like to buy some green tea and watch them in the park.

But that's not allowed.


Because today is the Hanamatsuri High School entrance ceremony, and as the current student council president, it's my job to give a speech representing the students, and I need to be in the student council room by at least 8 a.m. to prepare.

Remember this.

What time does Ogura-san say "Good morning"?

Right, it's 8 a.m.

"Don't worry. The speech is only about 10 minutes, right? I can ad-lib that much. ...Also, that looks heavy, doesn't it? I can carry it myself!"

Right now, we're sprinting with all our might.

Even though I'm carrying Marimo's stuff, the new student council president doesn't miss a beat and even complains to me.

How can she speak such long lines while sprinting at full speed?

If her lung capacity is also exceptional, that's just cheating.

"You! Do you know how much preparation goes into a 10-minute speech! And besides! It's normal for a girl to have a guy carry her stuff! Don't worry about it!!"

Listen to me panting while speaking in unusually short phrases and rough tones.

Normally, when someone tries to speak long lines while sprinting, they end up like this, and they might even feel like throwing up their breakfast.

And here I am, enduring it like a gentleman. Shouldn't I be the one granted a cheat ability, hey, God?

"Hmm. Preparation, huh? Maybe... about 5 minutes?"

"You said it! You better prepare in exactly 5 minutes! You hear me!?"

Currently, the student council consists of President Marimo, me as the vice president, and two sophomores.

This is because, according to school tradition, top-performing freshmen will join the council.

Sweating profusely, we finally pass through the school gates.

There are only 8 minutes left until the ceremony starts.

Just 8 minutes.

That's barely enough time to watch an episode of Doraemon.

"See, we made it on time, didn't we!?"

A triumphant Marimo.

We barely made it to the venue.

"...Haah, hey, you, after this, you have to, haah, go straight to the gym, ohh..."

"I know, I know. Oh, your uniform ribbon is crooked!"

I wanted to shout, "What's crooked is your common sense," but my mouth was too busy inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide to say anything.

Fine, go ahead and embarrass yourself at the entrance ceremony!

Maybe you'll learn a lesson!!

"And so, everyone, welcome to Hanamatsuri Academy! We will be studying together in this school building from now on. There may be things you don't understand, things you're anxious about. When that happens, please rely on your seniors. You should never keep problems to yourself! If you feel you can't casually approach a senior, then please come to the student council room! I, Student Council President Kamino Marimo, and the reliable officers will support your school life to the fullest! Once again, congratulations on your enrollment!!"

——This genius!!

What a perfect speech.

Thunderous applause is being given to Marimo.

Indeed, it was a wonderful speech.

I'll admit that.

But I'm not satisfied.

"Hehe, did you see that, Kou-chan?"

Marimo whispers to me in a low voice, showing a peace sign.

What? Where am I now? In the middle of the stage, inside the podium?

Just so you know, it's not because I'm here to cover for Marimo if she makes a mistake.

I'm just fulfilling my duty as the vice president.

I don't want any misunderstandings.

"Then, Kou-chan, see you later!"


Marimo waves back to the applause and leaves.

And here I am, inside the podium on the stage.

By the way, can someone tell me when I can get out of here?

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