A Noble Young Lady Who Is Supposed to Be Studying Abroad, But For Some Reason She Is Only Training to Be a Bride - Chapter 10 English

 Chapter 10

It seems that the international students were given assignments over spring break.

The assignment was to write an essay in Japanese.

That was Lily's request, asking for it to be corrected.

"Maybe it's better to cut this part here. Also, the punctuation should be placed here. It changes the meaning if it's placed here."

"I see."

Although Lily can speak fluently in daily conversation, her written language skills were not particularly good, to put it kindly.

Listening and speaking seemed to be her focus, while writing and reading were put on the back burner.

As a result, she couldn't write kanji at all, so her sentences were mostly in hiragana. There were also places where the particle "wa (は)" became "wa (わ)" and "wo (を)" became "wo (お)."

Furthermore, there were parts where "wa (は)" and "ho (ほ)" were mixed with "a (あ)" and "o (お)."

And perhaps because she could speak, there were parts where she wrote in written language with the sense of spoken language.

Many sentences were strangely long, connected, and it was hard to understand what she was trying to say.

Deciphering it was quite difficult.

But there was something even more difficult.

"I see."

She's getting closer.

It's good that she listens attentively, but before you know it, she's getting so close that our shoulders might touch.

When she leans forward, her cleavage peeks out from between her loose clothing and her skin.

Every time her head moves, a faint sweet scent wafts from her silver hair.

I've been nervous since earlier.

Come to think of it, she was also close when I was in England.

When we first met, we were actually quite distant...

When did she start getting this close?

"Thank you very much."

"S-Sure. Well, that's good then."

Finally, she steps away.

I thought, but Lily didn't move away from me.

"Sota. I have a favor to ask."

"W-What is it?"

"Would you like to go on a date tomorrow?"

A date tomorrow?

It is a holiday tomorrow, but...

"Do you have any place you want to go? Sightseeing in Japan?"

When I ask that, Lily shakes her head from side to side.

"I want to go shopping. I want to buy clothes."

Ah, I see.

She said she was planning to buy clothes in Japan, so she didn't bring much.

It would be inconvenient if she didn't buy everything soon.

"Got it. That's fine."

"Thank you very much."

Lily's face lit up with joy.

...Being close has a strong impact.

"Sota. I have a favor to ask."

Lily, wearing a white negligee, said to me while straddling my body.

My body was as stiff as a stone, unable to move at all.

"W-What favor..."

When I asked, Lily pointed to her chest.

Untying the ribbon, her chest opens wide.

She starts to take off the negligee, hanging it down from her shoulders.

"W-Wait! Lily, what are you..."

Lily, now completely naked, slowly approached me.

And whispered in my ear.

"Wake up."

A heavy sensation on my stomach.

A feeling of being shaken.

"Sota, Sota. Wake up."

And then, like an angel ringing a bell, I heard a cute voice, and I woke up.

In the hazy depths of my vision, there was a silver-haired angel.

"Good morning."

"Yeah... good morning. ...Wait, Lily... Th-This isn't a dream!?"

I woke up in an instant.

Lily was straddling my stomach.

No, looking closely, she was properly wearing the negligee. She wasn't naked.

It seems like about half of it was a dream.

"What's wrong!?"

"I came to wake you up."

Wake up.


Surprised, I looked at the clock and it was eight in the morning.

Certainly, it's time to go to school soon.

...No, today is Saturday, a holiday.

There shouldn't be school.

"...Isn't it early?"

On days off, I want to sleep in.

Thinking that, when I asked Lily, she made a dissatisfied, sad expression.

"...Did you forget?"

"Forget? ...Um, what?"

"Our date. We promised last night."

Lily shook my body with dissatisfaction.

Unpleasant stimuli spread to my lower body.

Please stop that movement for a moment.

"Seriously. I was planning to go in the afternoon."

"...Is that so?"

Lily made a sullen face.

This is her irritated face.

Does she not believe me?

Certainly, I didn't promise to go in the morning, but I didn't promise to go in the morning either.

Was it in Lily's head that we were going in the morning?

As I thought that...


A small sound could be heard.

It was the sound of my stomach growling.

"Do you want breakfast?"

"...I don't need that."

Lily answered while turning away.

Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

We had a Western-style breakfast that day.

It was like recreating an English breakfast.

Since returning to Japan, I've been longing for it and have been trying to recreate it in my own way... It's a menu I'm confident in.

"It's quite delicious."

Lily ate the breakfast I made with a cheerful expression.

Fortunately, it seemed to taste like something that would appeal to an British noble.

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